Zamplebox E-Juice Subscription Review

We all know the dollar shave club, cheese of the month club, wine of the month groups, and other types of gourmet items that are catered to what you like and sent to you on a monthly basis. For those of us who are busy with life, work, or don’t have time to put a lot of effort into picking their favorite item(s), these clubs are massive time savers. I can attest to this. 

In Comes Zamplebox, who takes this age-old idea and caters it to us vapers. Now, we can also benefit from this monthly style service and also have access to a broad range of different e-juice blends you may not have considered before, shipped straight to our front door!

Zamplebox is an e-juice subscription that is delivered to you on a monthly basis. It is completely customized to your preferred vaping tastes and likes. By filling out a simple questionnaire, Zamplebox can determine what kind of combinations and flavors will suit you best. They are then curated, packaged, and sent right to your front door, every month.

They now have more than 100,000 customers and offer more than 1,700 different flavors and styles. Every box is uniquely created for each person keeping in mind their favorite flavors, nicotine levels, and their preferred VG/PG levels. When you subscribe to Zamplebox, the vape experience comes straight to you.

Walk Me Through How It  Works:

Zamplebox takes you through a simple step by step proccess to determine you “flavor profile” as follows:

  • Your Vaping Experience Level – Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced vaper?
  • Determine Your Preferred Flavors – Choose through a wide list what flavors you enjoy or maybe want to try.
  • Remove Specific Flavors – In this step, you can list and check off flavors you don’t like and want to avoid.
  • Favorite Flavors – It says it all, just pick your favorites. 
  • Nicotine Level – Choose between 5 different nicotine levels that Zamplebox offers: 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg.
  • What Level Of box Do You Want –  Zampleboxes are available in 3 different price ranges as we show below.

Silver: You will get 3 Bottles of E-juice that are 30 – 50 mL a piece for only $19.99 a Month

Gold: You will receive 6 Bottles of E-juice that are 60 – 100 mL a piece for only $24.99 a Month

Platinum: The big dog, you will get 11 Bottles  of E-juice that are 120 – 180 mL a piece for only $44.99 a Month

Once you have completed your “flavor profile” you will receive 3 different choices of packages based on your answers, and you will receive an email that will give you a “sneak peek” of what you might find in your first box. (keep in mind that a few of the e-juice flavors are hidden to keep some excitement so you are still surprised when you receive your package.

Right when you think personally curated selection and convenience wasn’t enough, the price of Zamplebox broken down will show you how you will be saving over conventional purchasing.

Price Savings Breakdown

If you tend to smoke a 15ml bottle in roughly 3 days that is 150 ml a month. That can cost anywhere from $45 (buying the cheapest juice out there) to $450 (if you were buying a gourmet e-liquid) I would venture to say that the average person smoking that much would spend $90-$100 a month. I think that is fair. If you are in the Platinum club, you will get that same amount of e-liquid for only $44.99 a month. So for the average vaper, you would spend half your current costs. What a deal!

Also, all the e-liquids are 100% USA made and will likely be the mail highlight in your month! Just with the savings alone, I can’t think of a good reason not to at least try your own personal Zamplebox.

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