Yaeliq Review

If you try Yaeliq’s “premium liquid from the holy land” you will never go back. Yaeliq began with a family business and is still to this day. It all started as just a vaping and e-juice making dream, now they are a large company.

Yaeliq is not to be overlooked. The team really understands the importance of having quality ingredients which will show in every puff. Their close friends really liked their e-juice concoctions and helped encourage them to grow and create juice for the public. They have achieved just that with service first in mind and a lot of new flavors at their disposal.

yaeliq-com-2Yaeliq’s Website

The web page is less than flashy at Yaeliq they did spice it up a little with a cartoon Jewish guy as their mascot. 

The site slightly dull, slow to load, and isn’t a whole lot different from other small business online that sell e-juice and vaping equipment. It honestly looks like they used a premade website and just slapped content into it. C- on that one.

The E Juice

I would venture to guess that their e juices are kosher? They don’t really say anywhere. There is no information what kind of ingredientsthey use. No mention of being american made, USP-grade, organic, natural or even nut-free. No clue at all.

Maybe “from the holy land.” means that it is made from ingredients from Israel. 


There are plenty to go around. Yaeliq has fruit flavors, drinks, dessert & candy, and tobacco flavors. They post slaes as well as sell hardware as well. You will save money with Yaeliq as their e liquids come in 100-ml bottles and only cost $18 (that is less than some companies sell 30ml bottles for). You can customize your orders with an added boost for only $3. You have options of 0 to 24 mg of nicotine levels (3 mg increments) you have a choice of  what VG/PG ratio you want. Everything from  50/50 all the way to 100% VG.

Fruit E Juices

Yaeliq keeps things simple and just sticks to basic flavors. There are no funky blends here to confuse you. You are free to mix flavors all you want at home or even use Yaeliq’s Fruit Bar. All you need to do is choose from 4 flavors and then decide what percentage of blend to get. Simple.

Dessert & Candy

The next section is Yaeliq’s candy/dessert menu. A lot of vape stores would typically overlap a lot of flavors here by putting say “banana candy” into both sections. I like the fact that they do not. Some flavors are Graham Cracker, Bavarian Cream, and Extreme Ice (menthol). They even have flavors called “strawberry lollipop” and “toasted marshmallow”, yum!


Drinks include all kinds including alcoholic and  non-alcoholic, not to mention hot and cold. Some flavors are Kola, mocha, Kola, grape, and mojito. I’m sure you can guess what their drink flavor “Red Mule” is based off of. Maybe try a little Pink Champagne for a special occasion. They even have Israeli Coffee and green tea. Israeli Coffee is describe as strong, rich, and creamy by vapers.


If you are after a unique flavor, try Yaeliq’s “Captain Cook” that is a Camel-style tobacco with a mix of licorice and laurel leaves that gives a bold tobacco flavor yet still lightly and sweet. For a deal, you can get Israeli Tobacco for $11 which is a pipe style tobacco flavor. The other flavors are very standard like RY4, 555, Burley, etc.

Samples and Deals

If ordering 100-ml bottle of e-juice is too much for you, you can always just get an 11-ml sample bottle for only $3.50 which is a really great buy. Some of the sample options include Anise, BanaNut, Black Cherry, Irish Cream, and Gummi Bear which are all 50/50 blends.