Vista Vape

My Vista Vape Review

Recently, I tried my hand at Vista Vape who claims to have the best e-juice online. One thing that intrigues me is that you can customize your juices, mixing a wide variety of flavors to your liking. This was my first experience with VV so I decided to just stick with their pre-blended selections.

After I received my package and scrambled to choose my first bottle to sample, I noticed something peculiar. The droppers on the bottle are wide. Damn. I don’t know if this is more cost efficient for them, but I don’t like it. Most vapes require a thin eye dropper to fill the tank so I figured it was going to be a pain. And it was a pain, just not as big of a pain as I was expecting. (Thank God.)

The labels were decent. Nothing spectacular. Definitely a step above other companies (who I won’t mention,) but also lacking the flair of other quality juices, (whom I also won’t mention.) Do you want watermelon e-juice? Well here’s a picture of a watermelon with a splash of water behind it! Get it? Cause it’s an explosion of flavor. (I’m pretty sure that’s what their designers were going for.)

Alright, let’s get to the actual juices.

Lime Soda- Keep in mind, this is “lime” soda, not “lemon-lime.” So if you’re looking for a Sprite or 7-up knockoff, this won’t be what you’re after. This juice tastes as if someone emptied half a bottle of lime juice into carbonated water and added a dash of sugar. It’s citrusy, limey, and I love it. The flavor is unmistakable. 

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy- It’s the real deal. Just like grabbing a fresh chunk of blue cotton candy straight from the bag. This flavor is spot on. I won’t go into any more detail on this because you get exactly what you pay for. Actually, I will say this, if you’re looking for a cotton candy flavored juice, make sure you get a large bottle of this stuff because I went through it ridiculously fast. (I liked it that much.)

Apple Candy- Sadly, my biggest disappointment. It’s heavy on the candy, and light on the apple. This juice is sugary sweet like candy, but I feel it needs a bit more zing by intensifying the apple flavor. I will say, however, the image on the label suggests it’s more of a sugar coated jelly candy, so in that regard, it matches that sort of flavor profile perfectly. I was hoping for something more like a jolly rancher. Guess I’ll have to keep looking.

Ice Cream Cone- I like it when a flavor matches it’s specs. This is another juice that gives you exactly what you pay for. Dessert juices aren’t really my go to. I just wanted to check this one out to see how accurate it was. And it is accurate.

Pineapple Kiwi- I’m torn with this juice. I like it, but I don’t love it. It’s fruity that’s for sure. I just want a little more kick to it. I think this is a great fruit juice to mix with your other juices at home to see what concoctions you come up with. In my professional opinion, get the kiwi flavor by itself. 

After trying a few flavor combinations, I’m way more interested in testing out Vista Vape’s fruit flavors individually. They seem to be very well crafted, but the ratios are a bit off for my taste. 

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