Vapor 4 Life

Few vendors other than Vapor4Life offer a legitimate 100% VG ratio in an e-liquid or e-juice but that is not all they offer. If you used to smoke and are looking for a flavor that gives you that tobacco taste then V4L is your company as they offer some of the best tobacco blends out there in the market. Their menthol and tobacco flavors really hit a tone that will make you reminisce even for the most extreme former smoker. Their rich VG blends also give you that great cloud experience for an extra satisfying vape.

If you were a heavy smoker before, Vapor4life offers a 3.6% mg nicotine level that is great for old users who are looking to quit tobacco smoking and transition to vaping. Might I mention that V4L is one of the only vendors that offers this level of nicotine. They do offer seven levels of nicotine with any of their flavors you order. they range from that 3.6% mg down to a 0% nicotine level.  This will give you the control to slowly drop down your levels is you are an ex-smoker looking to quit or even just cut back.

Ex-smokers who start using Vapor4Life, keep using V4L for as long as they smoke. They honestly have one of the most loyal customer bases and for good reason. They have been around for more than a decade perfecting their craft.  

Every flavor offered is tested meticulously, so to ensure the safety of whatever e-juice flavor you decide on. All of this is supported by an ISO 9001-2008 safety certification.

Another advantage you get with V4L e-juices is the ease of use for refilling. This is not always the case with a lot of vaping juices. The tip helps make this one of the best bottles to use and work with when trying to refill your tank, regardless if it is bottom or top style fill.

To pick a great Vape4Life e-liquid that is best for you, I would start with your flavor preferences. V4L literally has hundreds of different choices, so it is important to narrow things down to a select few flavors to start. Other than their amazing menthol and tobacco flavors, they also offer dessert, fruit, beverage, and coffee flavor choices.  In their premium e-juice “WOW” line, they offers some really amazing flavor combinations that will excite you. Their WOW flavors come in a 70/30 VG / PG mix and many great flavors in both the menthol and tobacco categories, as well as the decadent and fuity flavors. In playing around with the flavors you will find some great novelties, like the “Doc Popular” flavor that will remind you of a popular carbonated beverage. Also there are some great smooth flavors, like Cafe Mocha and green tea, that really enhance the taste.

If you are after the best tasting e-liquid, I would go with the amazing “Ultimo” e-juice that is offered in a 60/40 VG to PG ratio and has 10 different unique flavors that are designed for the most premium taste experience. This is an amazing e-juice line (Favorites are Custard’s Last Stand and Fistful of Fruit) and you will notice the premium quality as well.

*Update*  Vapor 4 Life is now offering an All Natural hemp juice flavor. This CBD Oil comes stright from organic hemp plants that are grown naturally without any pesticides or altered fertilizers. This comes straight from Switzerland and is one of the strongest hemp tasting oils you can find on the market today. You can vape this oil by itself to experience the full, earthy tone or you can add it to one of your favorite e-juice’s to give it a “green” feeling.

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