Dog Dentist Dublin OH

Dog Dentist Dublin OH

When you have a dog, you must know they can never tell you if they are going through dental pain. During their lifetime, all dogs have some level of dental discomfort or dental disease. The best way to know if they have dental issues is to have a good dental health routine at home. When you supplement this with dental cleanings done by a trusted dog dentist in Dublin, OH, you will be on track to optimum dental health for your pet.

Visiting Veterinary Care Nearby For Dental Health

Good dental care for your dog will include daily brushing. Just like us humans, canines must have biofilm and plaque removed each day to avoid the onset of dental issues and disease. Many dogs will allow their owners to do regular brushing, but there are times when you need to bring your pet to a trusted dog dentist in Dublin, OH. Additionally, the best animal clinic will be able to show you the best practices for brushing your dog's teeth and showing you how to look out for different dental issues.

What To Look For

There is helpful information that you can keep in mind regarding dog dental care. While this is not meant to be a tool to diagnose or treat, it can help you know the best way to execute dog dental care.

  • Pay attention to bad breath - Some people feel that bad breath is a normal trait for dogs. However, this is a myth. Usually, dog bad breath will result from bacteria in the mouth, such as infected gums or issues with dental tissues. Odors can be a sign of progressive dental disease that will not get better without attention from a professional at a veterinary clinic.
  • Signs and symptoms - To prevent dog dental issues and visits to emergency vets for care, you need to watch for signs and symptoms. Along with regular dental cleanings and inspections, you may find things like bad breath; broken, loose, or missing teeth; issues eating; swollen, red, and bleeding gums; lesions in the mouth; nasal discharge, or blood in the saliva. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should schedule a dental visit with a vet as soon as possible.

Visiting Your Local Animal Hospital And Veterinary Supply

A veterinarian will look for signs of ill health or abnormalities with an oral exam. Veterinarians will look for a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Facial swelling
  • Overbite, underbite, teeth that do not fit together
  • Tartar buildup
  • Cavities
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Periodontal disease and gingivitis
  • Abscesses

When you come to see us at Good Life Veterinary Care, our vet will put together a plan to help prevent and treat dental issues based on what they find with the doggie dental exam. We work to find the solutions you need to ensure your dog is safe, comfortable, and healthy!

When you want a trusted dog dentist in Dublin, OH, we are here to help at Good Life Veterinary Care. Get in touch with us by calling 614-791-9191 with any questions or request an appointment online at your earliest convenience.

Dog Dentist Dublin OH
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Dog Dentist Dublin OH
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Dog Dentist Dublin OH