My VapeBox Review

First and foremost I’d really like to thank Ryan and the crew at VapeBox for hooking us up with one of their Enthusiast boxes to give you this review. Super nice guys who really care about their customers.

Ok, let’s talk about quality. Quality means someone put love and care and a great deal of effort into their product or idea. VapeBox screams quality. From the moment I received the package, I felt like a kid at Christmas. It was as if I was opening the box of a brand new iPhone. Inside, I found all my new goodies nestled softly among the confetti paper padding. I could tell I was opening something special. The particular juices all had nice looking bottles, especially one. (I’ll get to that in a minute.) It even included a “menu” of what was included. So far, it was a great unboxing.

When registering with VapeBox, you choose your preferences, likes, dislikes, juice styles you enjoy, mods, tanks, etc.

I was excited to try the “Enthusiast Plan” because it contains hardware and accessories and I was eager to see what kind of knock knacks and trinkets would be included and we could give you a full review that way.

Well, here goes nothing!

E-Liquid Flavors

Charlie’s Chalk Dust- Big Belly Jelly- Beautiful looking bottle made of porcelain. Black and white label. Gives off the impression that it’s a bottle of cologne from the 1950’s. Very stylized. Very cool. But what about the juice itself? It’s amazing. Spoiler alert, this is the best thing in the box, (at least for me.) My younger brother even fell in love with it and now I have to hide it from him so he doesn’t steal it from me. Oh yeah, the flavor. Watermelon and blueberry jelly beans. It’s so well balanced and I can identify the flavors distinctly. This is my new all day juice. Problem is, I’m already almost out of it!

Flavies- Vivian- The flavor is described as Aloe Vera drink. Well, I’ve never drank aloe Vera before so I can’t relate to the taste, but I did have the plants in my back yard so I know the smell pretty well.. The first thing that came to mind when tasting this juice was grape flavored medicine for kids. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a grape-flavored juice by any means, that’s just the first impression. It’s light and refreshing. I can’t imagine there’s a large market for Aloe Vera flavored e-juices, but this one is good for what it is. I’ll keep this bottle around in case I get a sunburn.

*Update* the more I vape on Vivian, the more I like it. Looks like I’ll drain the bottle faster than anticipated.

Brewell Vapory- Brew#123- This feel like a cross between Frosted Flakes and a banana nut crumble. It’s a wonderfully sweet corn flake cereal. This is a fine dessert-like juice. I enjoy it, but I couldn’t possibly have this as my all day juice. My biggest issue with it is that the flavor stays in the cotton for such a long time. If it’s in my tank, I’m committed to it for a few days. Again, I like it, but I feel like I’ll have this bottle of vape juice for a while.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust- Pacha Mama- Mango Pitaya Pineapple flavor. Okay, I have to be honest, I had no idea what pitaya is… Turns out, pitaya is dragon fruit. Well shoot. I’ve never tasted dragon fruit…so maybe that’s why it’s difficult to for me to pinpoint the taste. Honestly, it tastes like a generic sugar cover candy. It’s very sweet and differentiating the flavors is tough. If anything, it tastes like a lemon drop hard candy. I would definitely classify this as a candy flavor as opposed to a fruit flavor. Not my favorite but I’ll definitely finish the bottle.

Hardware And Accessories

First Accessory- A dual battery charger by ESYB. It works great, the only issue, I already have one. The exact one. Honestly, if I had to put money on it, I would guess that nearly everyone with an RDA probably has one. I can’t imagine a vape “enthusiast” not already having a charger. Guess I’ll throw it on the shelf for a rainy day.

Hardware- Coil Art RDA/RDTA- It’s a sleek looking piece of hardware. It’s even got the Coil Art insignia engraved which is a nice touch. I like the size of the mouth piece, airflow, cloud production, and flavors are all great. There is one major drawback, however. Filling up the tank is a pain. I mean, it’s a real pain let me tell you. You have to unscrew the entire piece in order to fill the tank. And you’re going to get some juice on your fingers. And then you’ll probably have to move the cotton around to put the thing back together again.

It’s definitely efficient and comes at a good price (being included in the box,) but I already have a wonderful RDA and I’m in a committed relationship with it, so this Coil Art will end up playing second fiddle to my Limitless.

Another small issue that I soon realized was this: The box doesn’t come with coils. So I had to go shell out fifteen bucks just to get it going.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I am pleased with my first VapeBox. I would like to see what shows up in the coming months before I make a final judgment call. The charger was a bummer because I don’t need two, and the hardware didn’t do me a lot of good because I like my current RDA so much more, but that is just me and my personal thoughts. Because of this I would personally probably just stick with the Juice Lovers Plan and save the extra money. 

The juices were all great quality and I love the fact that I can set my flavor preferences before ordering. This box is a win for me mostly because of one thing. Charlie’s Chalk Dust “Big Belly Jelly.” I would have never discovered it if it wasn’t for VapeBox.