Vape Wild Review

Dallas Texas is a place where vape juice isn’t tamed, it just runs wild. That is Vape Wild‘s home. Their Staff seem to stay happy and have fun at work, but not too much. They understand where to start and stop when it comes to professionalism and leaving a positive lasting image. 

vapewild-com-768x662-2A Little More About Vape Wild

At Vape Wild, E Juice is their true passion. They specialize in affordability, which is most likely why this smaller online team and company are growing at such a quick pace.

When you order, it is shipped within 24 hours and they provide priority shipping on any purchase over $30. They also give out free juice whenever you purchase more than $15 of product, what a deal.

That is super generous, and the fans and customers alike know it. You don’t lose out on the quality as far as VapeWild is concerned. They truly believe that they offer the best American made e liquid available online at the best and lowest prices due to their experience, consistency, and great relationships with customers, dealers, and wholesalers.

Customer relationships are number one at Vape Wild. Workers claim that it is a fantastic place to work and they take great pride in their superior customer service. You should expect complete satisfaction when you order with them.

What is American E Juice? 

Truth be told, most vapor companies only bottle their e liquid in the US. The product itself actually comes from over seas or vice versa. Vape Wild said none of that! No compromise here as they sell only e liquid that is made in the United States with local ingredients and bottled their own product here in Texas. They use food-grade propylene glycol,USP nicotine, and vegetable glycerin, plus your run of the mill food-grade flavorings. Needless to say, they don’t put anything in their e liquid that you should be scared about taking such as toxic ingredients.

E Juice Categories at Vape Wild

Vape Wild has a standard selection of categories. You can filter your search by choosing either desserts or fruit, candy or beverages; menthol or tobacco; or breakfast style vapes as well. A special area for “Pretentious” e juices might have caught your attention as you were browsing.

This category pokes fun at highly complex blends that are made by companies like Five Pawns. It is only a “for fun area” as none of the products are actually for sale (I think they might be a little jealous of Five Pawns). One can only assume that they know and respect each other and it is simply an inside joke. That would make more sense to me.

Pick a Sample Pack

One way you can try out some of the flavors Vape Wild has to offer without paying full price (which is not that much anyway) is by opting for one of their sample packs. They have 3 different six-packs to choose from, and they are priced at $16.99 a pack and containing 60 ml total per pack.

This is only about $1 less than if you were to purchase each flavor individually which would cost you $2.99 per 10-ml bottle. You can choose between the Summer pack, the Soda pack, or just build your own pack by choosing the nicotine and PG/VG blend.

Vape Wild’s Different Types Of E-Juice  

Some of the flavors here overlap a bit as they find their way into tobacco, methanol, and fruit at the same time. This would make you think that Vape Wild has more e juices than they really do, with that being said, the selection is still solid and offers simple yet good e liquids with one-three flavors combined.

As far as the Breakfast vape section, there are a couple of cereals vape juices that include: “Rice Krisps” which tastes like Rice Krispies if you added a teaspoon of sugar. They also have “Cinnamon Roll” which is sweet, baked, cinnamony spicy goodness.

With Beverage flavors, they have one name I really like called “Cousins Brother’s Roommate’s Rootbeer”. It gives you a fun taste of rootbeer in a vape. Their “Cherry Cola” tastes just as it sounds and might make you craves a cold summer cola to go along with it.

Vape Wild’s Candy flavors will basically give you 3 flavor experiences: sour, sweet, or savory. Black Jelly Beans will offer you some sour, Candy Cane is actually minty, and Bubble Pop will fill you with plenty of sweetness. Desserts flavors like Bananaza Bread (Which is Banana Nut Bread) and “B+C2” (Blueberries and Cream) combine both fruit and the density of a breaded treat.

Some of their fruit flavors just sound plain refreshing. Blue Harvest is a blend of blueberries with watermelon and a touch of lemon. Banabacco is just that, banana and tobacco. Some of the tobacco flavors are intended to taste much like a finer version of cigarettes like Wrangler or Lights, but Vanilla Tobacco and RY4 will seem very familiar to most vapers.

Their menthol line will definitely remind you of Menthol cigarettes, but Chocomint and Cowboy Cooler will not. You can choose levels of 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9, or 12 mg of nicotine for every ml of e juice.