How To Do Vape Tricks

Our Guide On How To Do Vape Tricks

Ever since people learned to smoke, they have entertained family and friends with thrilling smoke tricks. The same tricks done with smoking tobacco products can be replicated with e-cigarettes. You can be the life of the party when you learn some of these fabulous tricks. Just learn how to do them safely. The next gathering you attend, bring your new vaping talents to the table.

Vaping Tricks For Novices:

If you are new to the vaping trick scene, try to master some of these easy ones. They will sharpen your skills to learn more complicated tricks:

Puff The Magic Dragon

Description: You can easily master this quick technique that will make you look like you just left the mythical lands of knights and dragons. You will have billowing clouds from your nostrils and both sides of your mouth. It is an impressive trick.

How It Is Done: Without inhaling, take a long drag on your e-cigarette. Slowly let your mouth fill with a heavy vapor. When your mouth is full, give the vapor a forceful exhalation through your nostrils and both sides of your mouth. Your friends may wonder if they have disturbed a real live dragon!

Vapor In A Bubble

Description: This is another fantastic trick that is easy to learn and will amaze everyone present. It makes a large soap bubble filled with an ethereal vapor. If you are doing tricks with a fellow vapor enthusiast, have a contest to see who can blow the biggest vapor bubble.

How It Is Done: You will need an empty cardboard roll from toilet tissue, a bowel of water, and a bottle of dishwashing liquid. Pour a couple squirts of dishwashing liquid in the water and mix it to a bubbly froth. Next, dip an end of the cardboard roll into the sudsy water and hold it about a couple inches from your mouth. After you take a long draw of vapor, gently blow it through the tube. You will create a mesmerizing vapor-filled bubble at the end of the tube. If you tip it just right, it may float in the air a little before it pops into a cloud of vapor.

Phantom Vapors

Description: Give your friends a ghostly chill with this simple display. Send out haunting billows of vapor that will quickly disappear into your mouth.

How It Is Done: Deeply inhale some vapor from your e-cigarette and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Lower your tongue inside your mouth so that the vapor forms a ball. As you exhale the mysterious vapor ball from your mouth, quickly inhale it again. Like most ghosts, it is there and gone in a blink of the eye.

Some Intermediate Vaping Tricks To Try:

Classic Rings of Vapor

Description: For generations, people who used tobacco products perfected the classic smoke ring. The same trick can be done with an e-cigarette. It does require some practice and a bit of patience. Some people know how to tap the rising smoke a bit to make it into a triangle. Before you know it, you will be blowing vapor rings like a pro!

How It Is Done: Take a long drag from your e-cigarette and bring the vapor clear to the back of your throat. Keep your tongue pulled back toward your throat and keep it flat on the bottom of your mouth. Now, open your lips like you are saying “O” and stick out your lips. Use your throat to push a little puff of vapor out of your mouth. It is like making a small cough. You can actually get two rings with one good inhalation.

The Wizard’s Cauldron

Description: Also called the Mystical Waterfall, you can easily creating a winding mist of vapor pouring magically from a bottle.

How It Is Done: In advance, fill a plastic water bottle with enough water to fill it 1/4th of the way. Set it in the freezer and make sure it is frozen solid. While seated at a table, take a deep inhalation of vapor and gently blow it in the frozen bottle. When you turn it upside down, the vapor will pour like the mist of a wizard’s potion.

Vaping Tricks For The Experienced Performer:

When you practice the basic and intermediate tricks, you will learn special techniques that will help you with more difficult vaping stunts. Add some of these extreme tricks to your vaping repertoire:

La French Inhale

Description: Show some French culture with this classic vaping trick. It gently moves an exhalation from the mouth to an inhalation of the nostrils. This graceful movement takes some time and skill to learn. You may hear other vaping people call it an Irish Waterfall.

How It Is Done: Take a full puff from your e-cigarette and let it linger smoothly in your mouth—do not inhale. Now, slowly open your mouth while your bottom jar protrudes a bit. Instead of exhaling, let the vapor seep out on its own. As the vapor leaves your mouth, inhale it through your nostrils.

The Jellyfish

Description: The Jellyfish is one of the most difficult tricks to master in vaping. It creates an “O” with a simultaneous puff of vapor through its center. Some people call this trick the A Bomb, since it resembles a nuclear bomb cloud.

How It Is Done: Timing is of the essence for the Jellyfish. You need to have mastered making vapor rings. Take a deep drag of your e-cigarette and hold it for a couple seconds in your mouth. After you make an “O” with the first part of the exhalation, puff the rest of it as a cloud through the center.

Tornado Vape

Description: You need a quick hand motion to make this vaping trick work. It brings vapors up from the surface of a table like a little funnel cloud. You need a lot of practice for this one.

How It Is Done: Taking an empty toilet tissue roll, aim it toward the table’s surface. Take a deep inhalation of vapor and blow it into the roll. Quickly put your hand over the vapor and lift up your arm and wrist in one motion.

Vaping tricks can be a lot of fun at parties and other occasions. If you practice a lot in private, then you will be ready to perform in public. Be sure to pack several bottles of e-juice flavors to last for the party. Try creating some of your own vaping tricks to amaze your friends. It is all part of the fabulous world of vaping.