The Worlds Most Expensive Vape Mod

What Is The World’s Most Expensive Vape Mod?

Vaping and electronic cigarettes are often boasted as a cheaper and healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. While usually both of those statements are true if you have big bucks to spend you can find some vapes fit for a king.

Most vapor pens and vape mods stay within the $50 to $300 range — with the majority costing around $100 to start. In the long run, vaping really is cheaper than smoking cigarettes once you get past the initial cost. Depending on which state you live in, a pack of smokes can be as much as $12 or $13 — for annual costs reaching $5,000 and beyond. Vape mods last for years and can be refilled for a fraction of the costs of cigarettes. E-liquid lasts longer, tastes better and is much cheaper and healthier than poison-laden traditional cigarettes.

Some vape mod enthusiasts and luxury seekers aren’t concerned with saving money from quitting cigarettes or they are happy to use the savings to modify their very own vapes. Once you get into the lifestyle and culture, it can be fun to modify vapes for a customized and enhanced experience. When thinking about luxury brands, most tip the scales in the $200 to $300 range with additions like joystick screens, customized colors and prints, super-charged battery power, and the ability to just make really huge clouds. Some versions even allow you sync your Bluetooth to customize the electronic displays. It is possible the world’s not too far off from being able to vape directly with your phone(or a person can dream.)

As with anything else, there will always be someone who wants the biggest, best, most expensive and flashy version. And for vape mods, it was a Russian billionaire in search of the perfect birthday present for his girlfriend that still smokes cigarettes.

The Most Expensive Vape Mod — $900,0000

Introducing the most expensive vape mod, the Sofia from UK vape designer Shisha Sticks. This gold and diamond covered vape is worth nearly £500,000 or $900,000 American dollars.

Sofia came to be after an anonymous Russian billionaire contacted Shisha Sticks to design a vape for his girlfriend. The London-based Russian oil magnate wanted to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. For another layer of sweetness, the billionaire wanted to help his lady to quit smoking. What better way to have a healthier, smoke-free girlfriend than to find her a sparkling vape all her own?

According to Shisha Sticks’ Anthony Mixides, the company was asked to design a vape that encompassed “class, style, and luxury.” This blingy vape does just that. The base design of the world’s most expensive vape mod is a solid gold base with a clearomizer made of authentic, hand=blown Italian glass from the Venitian island of Murano.

The Sofia gets its blinding bling from 246 flawless two-karat crystal clear diamonds. Each diamond individually is worth £1,800 or $2,900. Sprinkled throughout the diamonds and pure yellow gold are 46 yellow Swarovski crystals. Even the vape mod’s button is made of pure gold. The crowning jewel of the vape mod is a six-karat oval diamond on the battery that is worth £46,000 ($75,000) all on its very own.

The glistening masterpiece took Shisha Sticks four and a half months to create. We’re thinking this billionaire’s girlfriend had a very happy — smoke-free! — birthday. Hopefully, that gold and diamond vapor was worth the wait — and price tag.

If you’re looking to have a piece of oil-tycoon, billionaire luxury — the rest of Shisha Sticks vapes and e-cigarettes are much more affordable. All of the starter kits come in under £100 ($125) and will get you well on your way. The company also offers a variety of mods to make your vape your very own and carries a wide selection of bargain and premium e-liquids.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to blow clouds like one or to start your journey towards being cigarette free. One single e-cigarette from Shisha Sticks starts at just £3! They come in a variety of fruity flavors like watermelon, grape, banana, blueberry, and tangerine — many mixed with mint for a menthol feel (if that’s your thing).

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