Taffy Man Review

It isn’t rocket science when you try and guess what Taffy Man e juice tastes like. Bearing that in mind, there is a lot more than just one flavor in their selection.

Can you think of more than one taffy flavor off the top of your head, even if you have never tried it? Can you describe what it is that makes taffy different from your normal caramels or toffees? What really makes it unique and how could a vape blender create that difference in taste with just vapor that has no chew? Let us look deeper into Taffy Man E Liquid and discover for ourselves if this vapeologist can pull it off.

Taffy Man’s Beginnings

Taffy Man originated in Orange County, California, where multiple new companies were developing new e liquid flavors except taffy. In Taffy Man’s mind, this age old candy was just as popular as churros, jolly ranchers, and mini donuts, so needles to say, they took the plunge and gave Taffy its own unique place in the e liquid world today.

E Juice Labels

The label is a little creepy if you ask me. In my head I pictured more of a man in the shape of bendable taffy, much like you would find in the classic board game Candyland. Instead, they apparently picked an artist to create this label that appears to be a Tim Burton closet fan and probably enjoys watching endless re-runs of The Walking Dead.

The taffy blob has empty eye sockets with one raised eyebrow, a scribbly creepy smile and color coordinated e-juice to match it’s suggested flavor. If I believed in death by candy, then this creepy candy face might be one of the last things I would imagine seeing. 

taffy-man-pic-2Bottling Basics  

Taffy Man E Liquid is sold in glass bottles that all come with a squeeze-dropper for ease of use filling an atomizer or an RDA. Each bottle contatins 30 ml of liquid, and can have as much as 12 mg of nicotine per/ml. Cost wise it will set you back about $22 but we have occasional coupons and sales where you could get it for less.

Taffy Man E Juice Flavors

Here are some of the taffy flavors. When I think about the taffy flavors, I completely imagine them in their wax paper and bright colors like at the taffy shops. They come in: blueberry, orange creamsicle, peppermint, root beer, apple, grape and many others.

The flavor options are almost endless, each flavor is a little bit dense and creamy, but not as buttery or sticky sweet as their toffee. Overall their flavors seem to be lighter, but are a little too heavy to be considered marshmallow light.

G8Ape is clearly like grape taffy. The flavor is so close to real that it almost makes you want to start chewing. There is definitely a lot of VG in the mix (70% to be exact) but not quite enough to chew.

If you blend strawberry taffy with watermelon you will get H20Bry. It has the crispness of a freshly cut slice of watermelon with a taste of sweet summer berries mixed in.

TR4BLU mimics the classic blue raspberry taffy and is a popular style flavor right now. It has the sweetness of blueberries and grabs the tart side of the rasberries.

A good vape maker will take his time making the blend as authentic as possible before it is released. There may be a limit of flavors at times, but rest assured they are working around the clock to perfect more flavors to be released online and in stores.

Other Taffy E Juice

Mount Baker Vapor has a taffy flavor as well which they call “Wacky Taffy e juice” which is a fruit punch flavor. A few other companies also have their own mix of taffy flavors, but they all tend to taste like a banana-style taffy which seems easier for them to make. The flavors of these are not supreme gourmet style that you have come to expect from Taffy Man flavors, but they are also priced on a lower tier for good reason. Cheap e juice is fun to try, as when you go back to a premium e-juice, you appreciate the product just a little more, much like Taffy Man’s Juices.