Sub Ohm

Our Top 5 Sub-Ohm E Juice Brands 

If you have a sub-ohm vaping system, you will need some top notch sub-ohm e juice. I will say that nothing compares to vegetable glycerin to create some awesome cloud smoke. You are required to go crazy on VG either so you know. Keeping a 50/50 ratio is suitable if you are using excellent coils and a highly efficient system. If you are after large thick clouds, you will have to move it up to 70% / 80%. 

Top 5 E Liquids for Sub-Ohm Liquids

The juices we are about to review contain high VG levels and have received the best in customer ratings. We are not writing this article with cost in mind as you won’t get this kind of quality for cheap. That is not to say that these are not affordable though. The quality is well worth the little extra that these E liquids cost. 

1. Charlie Noble

Charlie Noble was started in Baltimore, MD, by a group of do it yourself e-juice vapologists who had a true passion and skill for creating vapor juice. Their Admiral’s Reserve line is the way to go for vapers who crave making thick, large clouds. All Charlie’s e juices are rich, thick, and designed for high watt and super-low ohm vaping. Their flavor  “Good Cookie” will likely remind you of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. “Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream” tastes just as it sounds and is a creamy delight on a summer’s day. “Pistachio RY4” is a sweet tobacco with a twist and there is also “PB Cereal” that will fill your need for a Saturday morning taste of cereal in a vape. Every 30-ml bottle will cost you right at $15.99 unless it is on sale. 


2. Black Ops


Even Though Charlie Noble is one of the least expensive Vape liquids on our list, Black Ops will only cost you a little bit more. Customers willingly pay the extra money ($17.76 for a 30 ml bottle) for the fact that they will also be supporting veterans in the US as well. 100% of profits go to the Vape-a-Vet Program, so your money spent on vaping is going to a good cause. BRV e-juice based out of Phoenix, AZ,  created five distinct flavors that represent the five different branches of the United States armed forces.

Those 5 flavors are:

  • Black Seal
  • Green Beret
  • PJ
  • Force Recon
  • D.O.G.

D.O.G. has the flavor of a berry-like breakfast cereal. Green Beret is a custard-type e-juice with a unique flavor of natural plums that will give you a sweet-tart flavor. Black Ops comes in LDPE squeezable plastic bottles for easy use. LDPE = Low Density Polyethylene which is made from 100% recycled materials that is flexible yet still sturdy. I will add that even though it is plastic instead of glass, it is still resistant to and chemicals or bases that are used. No need to worry about cancer or BPAs as it will still work great as a storage container.

3. Simply E-Juice


Kari Buckoski and Steve Manley started making e juices in Ohio back in 2013. They now offer 9 memorably named E liquids with very poetic, descriptive names such as: Contagious Café, Tenacious Toast, Envious Elvis, and Bodacious Berry. Their best seller is Tenacious Toast which is simple in flavor theory yet complex in the end. After you have tried vaping this blend of cinnamon French Toast, pastry, maple syrup, and cream, you are likely to be craving the real thing topped with melted butter, syrup, whipping cream, and with a dash of cinnamon-sugar on top.

4. Drip Sauce


The owners at Bumble Bee Vapor decided to take 2 years to create this High-VG creation that will satisfy advanced vapers accross the globe be it friends or customers. The end result was a spectacular two flavors made from all US based ingredients and is priced at $19.99 for a 30 ml bootle. That is on the higher end but still not bad at $0.70 per/ml. The first flavor “Ape-Ricot” is not a banana-apricot flavor as one might be expecting. Instead, it is a blend of apricot and caramel because, we are told that apes apparently love caramel. Mystic is based around flavors you would find at a fair and will take you back to the rollercoaster rides and fortune tellers. The flavor you will taste is a watermelon bubblegum and blue cotton candy extravaganza in your mouth, but not all in just a single puff. As you adjust the heat you will begin to notice how the impressions and flavors change.

5. EpicClouds


The famous vaping couple, Nick and Amber, are the founders and creators at Namber E Juice. They have the most affordable E-liquids on our top 5 list coming in at $14.99 per 30 ml bottle. Their best selling flavors are “Mom’s Pineapple Cake”(tastes like the real thing) and “Doughnut Pounder” (tastes like a fresh glazed doughnut). These flavors give you a real taste of home cooking with each giving a moist, creamy sweet salute to fresh baked doughnuts and pineapple upside down cake.