The Steam Factory Review

Some Vape companies will throw their product and just about any vendor in hopes that they will sell it. The Steam Factory is not that kind of company. The dynamic duo of husband and wife (whom are both vapers) are focused on brining the vaping world a very unique e juice that you will want to vape all day long. Their specialty is light bodied vape juices, not anything custard-like or heavy that might be too rich.

A Quick Background Of Steam Factory

According to my online sources that I found (there are not very many BTW) The Steam Factory started their vaping products back in early 2013. By summer of 2013 they launched their first line of fruity flavors. Fruit flavors are nice because they are easier to make and appeal to most casual vapers.

Their main focus was to create a quality fruit-type e juice with a high standard, unlike a lot of fruit flavors that were on the market at the time. Quality would be their niche and make them stand out from the others. It was about time that vapers had a wider variety to choose from, and there was already a lot to choose from. Needless to say, they made their mark in the vaping world and started to slowly develop new flavors for their line. One of their latest creations is an unusual tea-style vape.

Slow To Development New Product

The Steam Factory takes their time when it comes to releasing a new flavors. Their first releases were took several months to develop along with extensive testing and experimentation. I do not have any details of their testing, but it has sure paid off.

Seeing how there is little information about The Steam Factory, we really have no idea unfortunately where they make their e liquids, the bases they use for their flavors, or the conditions of their factory as well as their bottling and mixing facility. The FDA will soon put a change to that. 

We do know that they make blends for sub ohm coils (30/70 PG/VG), aside from that we don’t know a whole lot. Just simply saying  that they use only “high quality ingredients” doesn’t give us any proof that they actually do. To be the highest quality, would mean that they use only organic, all natural, non-GMO, US based ingredients. With pricing at $22 for 30 ml, they might be actually using what they say, but wouldn’t you want to advertise facts like those more publicly? I would!

the-steam-factory-juices-768x566-2The Steam Factory Flavors

Not to be confused with others brands that feature “Steam” in the name much like “The Steam Co”. If there is ever a question, just compare the flavors and you will know. The Steam Factory must have hired 7th and 8th graders just going through puberty when it came to naming their flavors, but we still love them anyway. To give you an example, here are some of their flavors: you have Blue Ballz, Muffcake, Screwberry, Larry, Screwbacco, Castawa, Kizmet, and Vani-Tea. Classic names really, genius marketing if you ask me. 

Muffcake tastes like part cupcake, part muffin. You get the wholesome flavor and enjoyment of a muffin, mixed with the sweet, buttery goodness of a cupcake and you have a winner when it comes to overall taste. This is why it is one of their most popular flavors.

Blue Ballz is a blend of blueberries and bananas. The name is almost too much, but not quite. Screwberry is a berry-style flavor vapor but Screwbacco is basically strawberry flavored tobacco. I have no idea who Larry is, but I would say that he must love ice cream sandwiches with berries in it, because that is what “Larry” tastes like. Kizmet is often times an overlooked pairing of pear and apple giving a sweet yet satisfying flavor that is not too much.

Castaway takes you on a trip of tropical fruit flavors where you can imagine relaxing on your own tropical island beach. Their “Flavor that Never Was” is a preface to a story about a tree that was so narcissistic that it grew without any neighbors and produced fruit without stems. Story or not, this peach vape has hints of tea, milk, vanilla, and just flat out a very unique fruit flavor. It is an experience to say the least.