New Smok Alien 220w Review For 2018

Is The Smok Alien A Good Kit?

I’m gonna start this review by stating right away, I absolutely love this vaping kit. In an earlier post, I spoke about my favorite vape, that being the Limitless Mod. Well, the Smok Alien 220W is just as good, but for different reasons.

In all honesty, I usually have both of these by my side. It’s funny how two different devices can give you two totally different approaches to the same E-juice.

The Limitless is great for the seasoned vaper who wants enormous clouds and as much flavor as one could possibly take in. It does have downsides though.. Compared to the Smok Alien 220W, it is insanely bulky, so if you’re trying to sneak it into a concert venue, for example, (not that I ever have…) you might have some trouble. Also, it requires more maintenance and more frequent refills.

I’m not here to bash my Limitless, I’m just illustrating a point.

smok alien 220w baby beast kitIs The Smok Alien Easy To Use?

The Alien 220W is a super user-friendly vape. It requires no maintenance (save for the occasional trip to the shop for new coils.)

It’s slim. You can tuck it into most pockets. And if you don’t vape as frequently as I do, you might not have to refill the tank for a couple days. It conserves the juice, unlike my big-boxed friend.

And talk about cosmetics! There are several different color palettes you can choose from; The classic black with red trim, orange trim, gray trim, gold trim, and several others. Heck, there’s even a special Storm Trooper Edition if you geek out over anything Star Wars themed. So right away, the color combos are a great way to express yourself.

And who needs a button? This little guy’s button is more like a trigger that runs along the entire side of the device. In my opinion, it feels so much cooler than just pushing a round button like all the other vapes out there.

I recommend the Smok 220W to any and every first-time vaper.

What Kind Of Maintenence Does It Need?

It takes two batteries, like with the Limitless, however, you can charge straight into the device. No need to disassemble anything and no more waiting 20 minutes before you take your next drag. Now that’s convenience!

The display is beautiful. It’s certainly got a lot of information on the screen from wattage or temperature setting to real-time voltage, amperage, and battery life. I especially like how it tells you the number of puffs you’ve taken as well as the length of time you’ve held down the trigger. It’s cool little additions like these that speak to the stat buff in me. Navigating the system is pretty easy too, at least, a lot easier than you know who.

The Smok Alien 220W even goes up to 220 watts, (thus the name,) but who really cares? Nobody I know takes their vape over 90 watts.

But What About The Flavor You Get?

It’s great. Really great. Like I said before, I love this thing. And at the end of the day, who cares about all the gimmicks if it doesn’t perform. Let me tell you, it performs like a 3 time Olympic gold medalist.

This is the kind of vape where all of your friends want to take a drag from. Secretly, they’ll be jealous because they went with a cheapo $30 mod that they wish they could return.

The only downside to this vape is that everybody in the vaping world is investing in this. So if you’re looking for something unique and original, like the hipster you are, I would direct your attention elsewhere.

As far as mods go, it is very reasonably priced, (less than half that of the Limitless.) And for a newbie in the vaping world, it is a must.

Like I said, I recommend this sucker to every newb as well as more seasoned vapers out there. So what are you waiting for? Go get one!

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