Numskullz Review

Do you remember Nerds candy? If you had ever tried nerds as a kid, you might also remember the additional dental visits it may have given you. I can still remember the little cardboard box with 2 crazy flavors in one box with a divider down the middle so they wouldn’t mix. The flavors tended to be very colorful and would grab the eye. 

Nerds Candy

Small sliding tabs on each side of the cardboard box, gave you access to either flavor. All you would do was tip it and shake it shake to get a few tiny candies shaped unevenly (looked like small asteroids) that were colored the same as what was advertised on the box. You could recognize the rattle of these small candies in a box from anywhere when you heard it shake. These small pieces of magical goodness were supposed to represent small pieces of fruit, but for the most part were just super sweet colored candy and there was always on or two tiny nerds still stuck in the bottom corner of each box.

Those are the Nerds I remember and supposedly are still around today. Nerd’s seem to be viewed as vintage candy these days and seeing how they have been around for more than 30 years, I suppose that is true.


It is a popular business of selling memories really. Every industry is a part of selling nostalgia ( including e juice companies) and I don’t mind one bit experiencing the same flavors of my favorite cereals  and candies from a childhood long ago. As we get older we realize that heavy doses of our favorite candies and flavors don’t do much good for our waist or dental bill, so a lot of people are switching the real stuff in favor of candy-flavored vape E-juices that just emulate Almond Joy candy bars, Skittles, Gummi Bears, and Jolly Rancher candy.

Nerds are not to be forgotten either. If a candy company can create a flavor, than somewhere, there is an e juice vapeologist who can figure the right formula to make a vape smell and taste the exact same. It is amazing that a skilled individual can so perfectly replicate the exact texture of candy with the same sweet or sour taste.

Numskullz E-Liquidnumskullz-strawnana-and-wapple-2

There is a recent version of Nerds e juice to come into the vape world and it is called Numskullz E Liquid. This Nerds-inspired vape has the same package look and the same great taste. Numskullz comes with two different flavored bottles that are 30 ml a piece (60 ml total) for $35.00.

One flavor called “Strawnana” is flavored like the strawberry-banana candy blend and the other flavor is “Wapple” which as you can guess tastes like watermelon and apple. The mix of this vape is 70% VG, 30% PG, so it is designed for High-watt, sub ohm vaping.

This e juice comes in a 0, 3, or 6 mg nicotine strength. You cannot buy Numskullz individually at the moment and that would take away from representing the Nerds candy. This company prides themselves in authenticating the brand to the point of having the most perfect match of flavor and presentation. You have to respect that dedication.

That two flavor split style of delivery is what Nerd’s were all about. The flavors were always separated in a box so it makes sense that the vape would be as well. If having to order 2 flavors at the same time is just not your thing, than lets take a look a two other companies that also have their own versions of Nerds-flavored e juices.

nurdz-e-juice-large-2Nurdz by Splash Labs

This strawberry-grape candy flavored e juice represents the classic two classic Nerd’s flavors in a great way. They somehow magically give it that specific Nerd’s flavor that is different from your normal strawberry or grape-style jelly Jolly Rancher or Jelly Bean. This E-juice has the same amount of PG and VG as Numskullz does and will cost you $22 per every 30 ml. It also comes in 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg of nicotine levels.

Did you blend the 2 flavors in your hand growing up? Or were you someone who would never mix the two and only eat them one flavor at a time? If that was you, than this might not be for you as they are mixed together in this sugary casserole of goodness by Nurdz. I will say that as you vape it, each flavor will become more prominent than the other with each puff.

Salacious Elixirs Nerd Dust

Offering the same bottle size as the previous company (30 ml) Nerd Dust is less expensive than Nurdz and only costs $17.00 a bottle which is the same as what the individual bottle cost of Numskullz would be. Nerd Dust has a slightly higher level of VG 80/20 with the exact same options of nicotine levels. Once more, they offer only the  grape/strawberry flavor mix with no option of splitting them. You will get the sense of both flavors very clearly as you vape it however. 

Glass Bottles

When you buy a Gourmet e juice, you can expect them to package it in glass bottles VS a plastic bottle. Why does this make a difference you might wonder? Well, part of it depends on the flavor, but if the flavor is potent enough, it can cause the tanks to crack or even cloud. Plastic just does not hold up to rich gourmet style e juices very well.

Plastic can also sometimes leave a bit of flavor behind and no one wants that in their vape. Maybe it is purely a mental thing, but I think not. Glass is definitely the preferred packaging method for sure and there is no question that glass can stand up to the boldness and sharpness that sweet and sour flavored Nerds candy flavors tend to offer.