Njoy Review

NJOY makes Ten different styles of e juice that are classic and nothing too over the top or fancy. They make all of their e liquids here in the US while also using ingredients from here as well as a few other countries. They do also follow GMP regulations and only use USP approved ingredients. This includes their flavorings, bases, lactic acid, and nicotine.

njoy-tobacco-2Single Flavors

The flavor options start with 2 vaping classics: Menthol and straight Classic Tobacco. These e juice flavors from NJOY are those that won over most smokers to switch to disposable e cigs back in the beginning when the company was first getting started.

They did add a third flavor to the dynamic duo (making it a trio):Black + blueberry. This invoked a large interest in fruit flavors at NJOY which caused them to release several new fruit style bases to their line.

Black + Blueberry is their number one best seller for non-tobacco styles. Not far behind are Iced Fruit, Peach Tea, Wild Berry, Blood Orange, and Pomegranate who are also looking to hold the title of best fruit based vape. Any guesses who will hold the crown in 6 months?

Fruits flavors are not all that NJOY offers. How does a Vanilla Bean or Single Malt Scotch sound? While other companies also offer an array of vanilla flavors, no one else in the American e-cig or e-juice businesses is specifically catering to the guy who spends a lot of time in the board room that has a tumbler filled with ice and top shelf malt Scotch like NJOY does.

Mix and Match Bundles

You can usually purchase sample packs of e-liquid flavors from most companies assuming they have enough choices to make a sample pack. Typically they will combine flavors that are common such as all sweet, all tobacco, all fruit, etc. NJOY combo packs are very unique in the fact that they group flavors that are complementary but very different flavors and they offer six different mixed sets in all.

In the kit, the Customer should use the provided instructions and blend as he or she so chooses, the three provided flavors to create one of their 6 new e-juice blends. Those blends are Blue Pomegranate Cooler, Peaches & Cream, Summer Punch, Peach & Orange Sweet Tea, Arctic Fruit, and Blood Orange Gelato.

NJOY’s “Cooler” flavor is made by using Pomegranate, Menthol, and Black + Blueberry. This way, you will get 30 ml of e juice for only $17.99 compared to $7.99 per 10-ml bottle ($23.97) if you were to buy them in single form. You will save $6 for 30 ml doing it this way.

You can make “gelato” with Menthol, Vanilla Bean, and Blood Orange. Menthol gives you that cool, chilly feeling as well as a dash of mint, (much like a Mojito) yet not too much. You can experiment around a bit to get the flavor to exactly as you like even if  it is not following the instructions perfectly. You don’t always have to follow the rules!

All six of the mix kits come with Menthol as they want you to enjoy the flavor of something crisp when you vape. You can also alter your blend further by mixing in tobacco. Their classic tobacco flavor is very clean and strong. This would be great to make a Vanilla like Tobacco with a touch of fruit.

Artisan E Liquid

NJOY also has an Artisan collection. E-liquid bottles contain 30 ml in them and cost $19.99. NJOY Artisan’s are premium e liquids that are designed for the more advanced devices that you can make giant aromatic vapor clouds with.

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