Nicquid Review

The creators of NicQuid have been heavily involved in the fight against the FDA to keep vaping as we know it, legal in the US while at the same time continuing to develop an amazing line of products.

You can Get NicQuid E-Juice from an array of different places such as: Their home website, Alt smoke, Smokeless Image, and various independent retailers. There are also a few subscription e juice clubs that offer their product much like we do.

NicQuid and AEMSA  aemsa

The American E Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) is the true guardian of e-liquids. This is a group that is devoted to creating a lasting system of “sustainable and responsible standards” around the production of e juice bottling and manufacturing.

Run completely by volunteers, AEMSA already knew what the FDA was planning in the way of regulation and scrutiny. Although the FDA has not brought down the real hammer yet, the members in the AEMSA (that includes NicQuid) made a decision to adjust and follow all of the current food-based regulations that are out there right now.

All of the members of the AEMSA believe that it is correct to control regulations from inside the trade body while setting higher standards and protecting the consumers as well as protecting the future of the industry as well. Their focus is on labeling, safety, and the quality of the ingredients used in production.

nicquid-com-768x722-2NicQuid E Liquids

So how does NicQuid live up to the new required standards? Well, for starters, their products has to first pass strict testing criteria, they must only produce from a certified American ISO Class 7 clean room, and without mention, they must use only the highest quality ingredients in their production of E-liquids and E-juices. 

Their main flavors consist of: Blast, Bliss, Blend, and Burst. They also produce small sample packs and high-VG versions of their juices in certain flavors. These are not new flavors, just adapted versions of their current lines.

The Four B’s

Niquid’s “Bliss” e juices were mainly inspired by sweet desserts VS their Burst line which are menthol/mint E Liquids. Their “Blend” line is for the more “tobacco” types of e juice and the “Blast” line is more of a fruit and fruit mixtures flavor of e juice selection.

Pricing wise, you will find that a 10-ml bottle will cost you $7.95. If you would like to get a 30 ml bottle, you will get a little price break per/ml. If you would like to save even more money, you can buy in bulk. For every five 10-ml bottles of e juice you purchase, you will get an increased price break. 

Bliss Flavors

If you like desserts but not all the fat and calories that come with it, than I would consider vaping your dessert instead! They have flavors like: Biscotti, Banana Nut Bread, Cherry On Top (great name and tastes as good as it sounds), and Sinnamon (Cinnamon but better). Those are your Bliss vapor juice flavors, but lets now look at the fruit selection and what it has to offer.

Blast Fruits Flavors

Niquid takes fruit flavors beyond just your basic strawberry and banana. “Strawnana Smoothie” is their version of strawberry and banana that gives you a rich and delicious experience yet still refreshing and light. Their “Maui” flavor is a mango-pineapple blend which feels and tastes much like a cocktail you would order from a bar located on a tropical sunny beach white sand beach. Their “Grape Escape” is a grape candy-style e fruit. If you prefer the flavor of very crisp, ripe fruits such as Strawberry or peach, then there are other cocktail and candy type fruit flavor E-juices as well.

Burst of Cool

This E-juice flavor is best described if you were to mix candy and fruit with Menthol, and then the result is a chilly but sweet E juice that properly named “Burst Of Cool”. I would say the result is more like a dessert than a menthol. Southern Freeze is another version which tastes a lot like a strawberry-peach smoothie with just a light layer of frost on top according to the owners at NicQuid. Their “Sinthol” flavor is a cinnamon menthol that is a true delight.

Tobacco Blends

The true vaping traditionalist will really appreciate the down-to-earth flavors of Niquid’s tobacco style blend. If you would like more blends then are offered (there are only 4), I would try mixing their Apple, Biscotti, or Smoothol flavors with their tobacco blends to give you some added mixes.

You are limited to only four main options when it comes to Niquid’s tobacco blends as mentioned earlier. There is the first called “Daybreak is sweet”, which is a little bit nutty, with a delicious mix of cream and roasted undertones with some French vanilla hints between the deep layers. Niquid’s “Gen 7″ is a very unique vanilla-raisin-cocoa explosion, while their”Midnight Express” is very authentic with a rich, bold flavor. Their final mix is called “Soho” and is sweet yet very smooth.