Mt Baker Vapor Review

There hasn’t been another vape or e juice company as Mt Baker Vapor that has been so vocal about the upcoming regulations and what the FDA has in mind as far as recent legislation has suggested. Their President: Daniel Swaine, sent a letter that talks about their continued commitment to their customers and all of the difficult changes that are happening and just asking for their customer’s patience as these changes occur. 

I’m not too sure what patience people need, but maybe they will be having slower shipping and order fulfillment I would guess. Their website still welcomes their customers to the “New” Mt Baker Vapor and everything, in general, seems to be good to me from what I can see as it always has been in the past.

Mt Baker Vapor’s Goals

Mt Baker Vapor has been very clear on their direction for the future. Their first mission is to continue to fight for vapers and fight for their right to a smoke-free alternative (vaping). 

Mt Baker  is doing their best to work with and comply to the new FDA regulations. There are some up-sides to the new labeling regulations that have been laid out by the FDA and that is the required listing of ingredients used so that vapers can see a little more clearly just what ingredients are used and what they are smoking. 

They already have new products in development which makes me assume that Mt Baker Vapor will launch a whole new line that will usher in a clean slate (post regulation). This will also include a better age-verification of the e-juice that you can check online. This is not an easy thing to institute, but they seem to be meeting the challenge well thus far.

new-mt-baker-vapor-2Mt Baker Vapor’s Website  

They have a great website that is easy to browse and yet still informative. It is nice to have the sub-head break each category you choose down even further every time you go to a new page.

The home page gives you options to choose whether you want starter kits, vape devices, nicotine juice, tanks, atomizers, DIY stuff, accessories, or new items. They have all kinds of brands such as House of Hybrids, Njoy, 13th Floor Elevapors, Aspire, and Boge.

If you travel to the bottom, you will see star ratings of 8.5/10, who knows where these came from or if they are valid, but I also wouldn’t say that are too far off.

You also have options to create a wish list, Buy Gift Certificates, or participate in store events.

If you check out their calendar, you will see that the store offers a regular coil building event on Wednesday afternoons at 2 pm PST and then an ever so popular Friday night poker game. Ha! Nice to know these guys are human. 

Starter Kits Available

If it was 2 years ago, this list would have simply been “eGos” just like all the other vape stores. Now it is not un-common to see bundles and starter kits for all vaping levels. The “eGo” can still be found in a new form called the “EVOD” which Kanger makes. Joyetech’s A10 is nothing like the old eGo style.

A starter kit is only a single button device, but really an all-in-one sub-ohm custom tube mod nevertheless. Mt Baker Vapor features an Innokin Express kit, an iTaste MVP 2.0, the Eleaf iStick 60W, and the Joyetech Cuboid. I would just shop by price if money is tight. The Kanger EVOD double kit costs $30, which is just half more than a single kit, which is a really great price considering.

Vaping Devices That Are Not Kits

Featured in the “Vaping Devices” category, you will find the Pioneer4you iPV5, the Vapor mini Volt, an updated MVP Pro, and Sigelei’s fancy Touch T150.

You will also be able to find eGo batteries as well. It is clear to see if they are almost out of the product as they will frame it in yellow and marked as “Almost Gone.” If the item is sold out, it will be framed in red instead of yellow and clearly marked “SOLD OUT”. Mt Baker Vapor doesn’t always keep up with the newest releases in the market, but they do tend to carry the more popular models which is good.


Mt Baker also has rebuildable coil deck atomizers and cartomizers. These do include RTAs and RDAs. They have the pretty Wotofo Lush carto, the boge 510, the Thump MFG, and the Wismec Theorem so needless to say the selection is good.

Atomizer Tanks

In this section, you will find both regular tanks and sub-ohm tanks. They have Innokin (iSub), House of Hybrids, as well as others. Aspire and Kanger are a dominate force with their Subtank, Nautilus, T35 and others. You will also find UD’s Goblin V1.2, Smok’s TFV4, and Wotofo’s Stentorian Steam Engine.

Other Accessories

Here you will find the usual accessory items such as: spare parts, cases, t-shirts, lanyards, and chargers. 

Their E Juice

Mt Baker has their own brews here as well as other popular brands. Mt. Baker’s fruity Hawk Sauce now has almost 3,000 reviews and nearly a perfect 5 stars making it their best-seller to date. Fruit/menthol Thug juice is in second place with just over 2,000 reviews soon followed by their cinnamon Roll, Extreme Ice, and Green Apple.


Here is a sample of their YouTube channel that has a number of videos, this is their welcome video: