Best Vape Mods

Choosing the ultimate best in vape mods can be a difficult job to say the least. There are so many that are great in one way but maybe not another, so it was easier to break up the list into a top 10 according to best price, best looking, and most innovative devices that are out on the market today. Rest assured they are all highly recommended and loved choices.

The Top 10 Best Vape Mods According To Their Strengths

1. The Most Affordable Vape Mod On The Market, Eleaf iStick Pico


The Eleaf iStick line got a serious makeover when they made this mini mod that features up to 75 watts and a removable battery. You can purchase the Pico in several different colors and is typically paired with the Melo 3 kit when people buy this mod. This mod has three different vape settings: Variable Temperature, Variable Watts, and a Bypass mode.

You can select the “TCR” mode to have more accurate settings. You can use a USB to recharge it, but it is a little faster charging if you just take the battery out, it also helps to have another battery always standing by and ready for speed sake.

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2. Most Attractive, The Efusion Mini DNA 200 Limited Edition by Lost Vape



The Efusion Mini is truly stunning to most people I know. The Lost Vape boxes are finished in a New Zealand style abalone that really glistens and appears to change color when you tilt it in the direct light. With its Evolv DNA200 chip, it is also a very reliable unit protects you against any electronic mishaps. Inside of this unit is a 900mAh cell that can be removed or charged leaving it in. You can adjust your vaping to a max of 200W or 600F and you can also install a custom atomizer coil to lower the resistance to as low as 0.05. You are always able to upgrade the firmware on this unit as well. 

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3. Best All-in-One, Aspire Plato


Aspire really makes the best style in my opinion, especially with this beautiful all-in-one mod. There is a tank that is fitted inside of the unit that protects the glass tube. It also manages to keep a small size overall compared to units where you have to connect a tank and mod separately. This unit is finished in a few random colors of brushed metal and it reaches 50W on a removable battery. This is also a TC mod that is capable of 600F. I might mention that it has a stainless steel tip that is removable for cleaning purposes. The tank is very unique and depending on the coil build can adopt a 4.6-ml or 5.6-ml Config. 

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4. Best eGo, Joyetech eGo AIO


I did not say that this was only a list for box mods. A lot of vapers who prefer the cylinder shape over the box and don’t care for high-output systems can still create heavy clouds if they so desire with this 1500mAh eGo A10. At only 19 mm, this is a skinny sized mod, although it might be considered “large” when compared with a lot of eGo-type e cigs. The eGo A10 does come with a matching 2-ml tank that is illuminated so feel free to select your favorite color. Did I forget to mention that it is childproof? Well, it is. Again, you can charge the battery on this unit with a USB. I would have to say that of all the systems listed on this top 10, this is the simplest with only having one button and no screen.

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5. Best Geometry, Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC


Here we have yet another Joyetech item only this time we are looking at their Cuboid 150W TC. The unit’s geometry is like no other vape unit. Both the rectangular base of it and stacked with a square tank make it look like a pillar of sorts. This amazing box mod is way ahead of the game. It has the smallest size yet still powerful due to the two 18650 batteries. Because of this it can obtain watts up to 150. It also offers a highly accurate temperature control, a larger sized multicolor OLED screen, and changing the batteries are a snap with the slip-open cover. The VTC system can handle Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. It is loaded with Firmware V3.0, that is easily upgradable through a Micro USB. This mod is seriously powerful and has loads of features making it one of the latest and greatest in technology.

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6. The Cutest Mod On The Market, The Tesla Nano 

Tesla mods are both the largest and the smallest on the market, but I’d have to say the Nano is the most adorable. With a bit of a chunky style, it contains a single 3600mAh battery. The Tesla Nano is available in several colors giving you a few to choose from. It Measures just 70 x 52 x 25 mm so there is plenty of room for a wider RDA or atomizer tank. The unit will give you a range of 7W to 60W or 200F to 600F  of adjustable output. I should mention that their tech supports up to 0.05-ohm min resistance when  a user would like to adjust the Temperature Control setting, Titanium or Nickel.

7. Best Technology Today, Innokin Cortex

The CORTEX has the accuracy, protection, and power of an IKARNO S1 chip. This awesome unit will give the user power to vape at 80W or to adjust the temperature in small increments of  just 5C or 5F at a time ( also 315C or 600F). The Innokin Cortex also has an extremely low static power usage, otherwise meaning that it doesn’t consume a lot of energy in standby. The TC is highly accurate, due to the use of Direct Current. In the end, all these features combined create an accurate and efficient mod. The unit also has a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohm and  the coils are heated evenly to prevent burnt or dry vapor.

8. Best Chipset, Wismec Reuleaux

Wismec and JayBo designs have teamed together to create an Evolv-powered 200W unit that has a USB-charge function and strangely designed triple-cell shape. This strange shape does allow Wismec to make a ergonomic mod for a vape so powerful. On the norm, the 200W vape units are typically very boxy. Vapers really love the performance and protection of the Evolv technology. With a DNA200 chipset in hand, vapers can enjoy the VW and TC functionality and are protected against any and all low resistance, short circuit and low voltage along with other things.

9. Sleekest Design, The iPV D3 TC

The IPV D3 single-battery unit by Pioneer4You, reaches up to 80W or 75J and has a marvelous Yihi SX150H chip. This has modes for Kanthal and TC coils, it will protect you against low resistance and reverse battery polarity which are features that vapers should expect. What I personally enjoyed best was just how much the 80W iPV D3 stands out stylistically against other mods. It is modern and very ergonomic when compared with numerous other mod shapes on the market.

10. Best Bluetooth-compatible Mod Available, The Smok XPRO BT50W

SMOK truly changed the mod world when they came out with their BT mods. Take this tiny 50W box for example which you can upgraded very easily to 65W if you want. There is no screen because all you need is your Smartphone to use and adjust the Smok XPR BT50W. Eliminating two of three buttons and the screen removes 3 vulnerable areas that can break if you so happened to drop it in the right place. Use your Android or iPhone to monitor the usage and simply recharge it using the included USB port. The unit has a range of 6W to 50W and supports up to 0.2 ohms inside the very light yet durable aluminum frame. The downside is that You will have to buy the battery separately.