Johnson Creek Vapor Company Review

The vaping and e juice industry consumers are still waiting on the FDA’s final rulings, many months after the announcment of soon to come investigations about the production and manufacturing of e juice. Manufacturers, customers, and retailers would really like to know where everything stands, as opposed to waiting around in limbo.

No matter what ruling the FDA comes up with, it is almost certain to have a negative effect on just about all e-juice companies. Some manufacturers have been following any perceived restrictions and rules as close as they can so when the new laws come out, they won’t get hit too hard.

Companies like Johnson Creek Vapor have kept these future laws in minds from the get go. They understand and agree that customers should know what is being put in the products they are using, not to mention where it is made.

Here is a little more about Johnson Creek’s story:

johnson-creek-vapor-2Short Bio

When e cigs began to take off in early 2000’s Johnson Creek Enterprises was already a leader in the industry. Being one of a select few first American e juice companies to manufacture vaping products made to extremely high standards here in the US.

Having been ISO 9001:2008-certified, they did not wait to establish high standards. Because of this, they have created a very strong foundation.

The people behind Johnson Creek had a strong desire to make e juice better, back when flavors lacked quality and  authenticity. Instead of calling their product e juice, they decided to just call it “Smoke Juice” to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.

Lines Of E Liquid

After a few years, Johnson Creek had created a few different lines of flavors and juices. It all started with the classic flavors made for top-coil clearomizers. They soon added Birchwood vegetable glycerin flavors and a variety of tobacco flavors called Kiln House heritage.

Wisconsin is the home of Johnson Creek e juices and where everything is made. If you ever want to know what ingredients are used in their blends, you can alway go and visit their website where you can find everything you need to know.

Search Breakdown

After creating 30-plus types of e juice, ( this doesn’t even count their hardware and accessories) they had to break down searches into categories so to reduce frustration in shopping.

Some of these categories are:  desserts, fruits, menthols, and tobaccos. You can choose PG-free, high-VG, or PG/VG e liquid. You can also break down your search by Classic, New, or Specialty flavors. 

Founders Reserve

Founders Reserve is a special blend that is not always availible. It is steeped in old wooden whiskey barrels to help produce that deep, rich tobacco flavor that has an underlying flavor and aroma of top-shelf whiskey.

A 30-ml bottle will cost you right about $30 and will give you the option of two different strengths of nicotine: 0.6% and 1%. This e-juice has a 50/50 PG/VG ratio mix and is made from 100% USA ingredients. They will even give you a flavor profile broken down into: throat hit, vapor production, throat hit, sweetness, and tobacco flavor.

JC Classic

With the JC classic, you are given the option of a 15-ml bottle that will cost you $9.95. The flavor is a little more complicated than others. It is nutty but still true tobacco at heart with caramel and vanilla accents on top of a sweet grain. There is a lot going on there and you will know it when you vape it. It is made from a propylene glycol-base that makes it moderately smooth and sweet. JC Classic averages 4.6 stars over hundreds of purchases so you know it must be good.

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