Element Review

Element E-Liquids is an award-winning E-liquid that you can purchase in both the United States and the UK. They are originally based out of Florida, but the UK became so popular that Element added a place in the UK where you can get their product. There offices there are located in Glasgow, Scotland to be exact.

Award Winners

Element E-Liquids has some really great E-juices, clearly this is not just my opinion as they have won many medals at vape shows much like those listed below.


Their winning flavors include Pink Lemonade, Fresh Squeeze and Watermelon Chill. If you would like to purchase any of their e liquids that have won awards, you can visit them here.


When you first visit Element E-Liquids and would like to browse around, one of the categories you should choose is their “bestsellers” which will show you their most popular lines and award winners. This makes it easy to pick something you know is good before you buy it. 

Let’s give you an idea what some of their bestsellers taste like. Fresh Squeeze is as it sounds, like freshly-squeezed orange juice (about as close as you can get in a vape). Other popular flavors include Key Lime Cookie, Strawberry Whip, and Crema which is a complex mix of multiple creamy desserts blended into one.

Did you ever wonder what it would taste like to mix cake rolls, eclairs and tiramisu into one flavor? No need to wait any longer, as you can vape them (without the calories) with Element E-Liquids.

Shop Alphabetically

Shopping alphabetically is a lot easier when you know exactly what you are looking for. You can search by price or name, backward and forward through the alphabet. Starting at the beginning you will find 555 Tobacco, Apple and Acai, then at the very end with Zen.

Zen is a flavorful mix of  lychee, guava, sweet peach, and passionflower. E liquid prices start at $6.99 for 10 ml that is packaged in a plastic bottle. A 20-ml bottle will cost you more than twice price, but this is due to it being cased in a glass bottle and it also comes with a J-tip dropper.

E Juice for the Masses

Element produces a lot of simple e-juices but they do also make dripping liquids. If you use a sub ohm, you should take a look at their viscous liquids they have for high watts and sub ohm systems. For the most part, these are the exact same flavors, but they are altered from 50/50 to 20/80 to work in the different systems. Vapers also have the option to buy a 60-ml flask for $69. 

Nicotine Levels

You have the option to buy an e juice with or without nicotine. The nicotine levels start at 18 mg for people new to vaping who are accustomed to a bigger hit, then they begin to drop steadily all the way down to 3 mg per/ml.


Their page is just a little bit crazy. There is a lot going on in the top scroll bar and it changes regularly, much like a slide show. They might want to tame it down a little and break things up by putting some of the information on other pages to help.

About the E Juice

Element liquids makes their e liquids using ingredients made in the US in a lab with ISO 9001:2008 certification. This basically means that you can trust them with your safety and that your vape products are properly handled in highly regulated conditions that are constantly inspected. American nicotine is one of their key ingredients and the product is pre-steeped, which eliminates the need to wait for flavors to mature.