Dbliquids Review

DBLiquids has an impressively long list of e-liquids. The list is long enough to have to break flavors down into different categories to search through like –  fruits, cereals, and so on. It is nice that DBLiquids has their own website that customers can browse and purchase directly from. Not all E-juice companies have a site. 

You can also find DBLiquids at limited vendors. While some gourmet e-juice companies ignore tobacco floavors, DBLiquids capitalizes on the open opportunity and makes a wide variety of tobacco mixtures. They still also cater to people who enjoy fruity and creamy flavors as well giving them a wide appeal in the vaping community.

DB has 3 different main lines: a pair of gems, regular DBLiquids, and a Trio of Warriors. Let’s take a closer look at some of the flavor options they have.

dbliquids-com-2About DBLiquids

With a company as big DBLiquids you might just assume that they come from somewhere like California, Florida, or even Arizona and you would be wrong on all of them surprizingly.

DBLiquids is based out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That right, I didn’t expect that either. DB hopes that customers will take the time to discover the level of excellence and quality they put into their product even though it costs less than most gourmet E-liquid brands.

A single 15 ml bottle will run you around $9.99 on average, but there are a few are higher-priced liquids in their line. DBLiquids also has a small line of great gift packs you should check out.

The company was founded in 2013, so it has only been 3 (almost 4) years ago, which in vape years is like 25. Since opening, they have built a reputation of very unique and very highly regarded styles of e liquids. They also offer special custom juice blends for clients who desire a little extra uniqueness.

You can request a 50/50 standard base, or a 70% VG base, or even a Max-VG blend but only in the regular series line. The Gems line features a 70% VG base and The Warrior line is dedicated to Max-VG e juices. High-VG blends are perfect when you have one of the DBLiquids mods or a high-drain device like the iStick 100W or the SMOK R200.

Some Of DBLiquids Flavors

“Abomination” is a mint flavor that will make you shiver when the chill hits like an abominable snowman (thus the name “Abomination”) If you would like to enhance the original five mints, you can add sweetness, menthol, or more chill if you like. I would Try Amped or even Standard.

If you are looking for tea-style vape, you might want to check out DB’s “Black Blossom Tea”. It has a  sweet amd creamy flavor that smells like mint, cherry blossom, and rose candy all in one crazy mix.

Here are a few more random flavors that DBLiquids offers:

Gentleman’s Toke

If you thought that Five Pawns was the only company to mess around with alcohol flavors in their e juices, guess again. Gentleman’s Toke gives you a mix of molasses caramel, cognac, and cinnamon. That is one sophisticated tasting blend.

Mazin Mocha

Chocolate and Coffee, does life get any better than this? With this vape, you have no need to pay $5 for a fancy store bought mocha and it will probably last longer as well!

Planet Cracker

This is a delicious cereal treat that should remind you of that childhood cereal “Fruit Loops”. This is said to be so good that it will crack the earth under you as you vape it.

Premium Gems

There are 2 flavors in the Gems line: Tigerseye and Sapphire. Tigerseye tastes like a fluffy cheesecake that is topped with delicious pineapple. Sapphire is filled with blueberry and creamy custard goodness to help lift your spirits.

Premium Warriors

Out of their 3 warrior flavors, “Sir Cantwood” (knight protector of the realm of just) is a flavorful mix of cantaloupe and tobacco with slight hints of blueberry, yum. The tobacco only serves as undertone and is not overpowering at all. The flavor “Jackie Tarr” (The Pirate queen and high seas terror) is a delicious mix of fruit cobbler and chai with creamy notes in it. The final Warrior flavor is “Strog” (destroyer and barbarian of the north). This flavor boasts a strawberry grog that has a creamy side and floral undertones. Unique as any out there!