Cereal City Vapes Review

I’ll give you one guess as to what kind of E-liquid flavors that Cereal City makes! Cereal City was started by the same people who created HTV e liquids, only this cereal line is even creamier than HTV.

You would most likely be using this E-juice in a sub-ohm system with a high-watt mod. Their flavors will take you right back to your childhood days and eating all those high sugar cereals for breakfast only this time it will be without all the calories.

About Cereal City Vapes

cereal-city-vapes-2Cereal City Vapes makes everything by hand so needless to say they only have small amounts on hand at a time. Their blends are all pre-steeped before they are sold so there is no need for any additional shelf-time to get the full flavor before you start vaping. The end result is a high-quality vape that stores are happy to promote and carry.

Cereal City uses flavorings and food-grade bases that are considered “fine quality,” in the industry. It is too bad they don’t give any details as to what “fine quality” really means or where they make their juice. All we  really can say for sure is that the facilities are in Michigan but we are unclear if they use FDA-approved labs or any kind of ISO-compliant rooms. I’m sure with upcoming regulations, this will change.

I personally would love to know the details as to what ingredients are USP-grade. We do know that it does mean that they are made in the US.

Breakfast Flavors from Cereal City Vapes

The following flavors listed below will probably bring back memories of sugary breakfast cereal, the kind you loved eating with cold milk or maybe even just straight from the box. 

Let’s take a look at the wildly delicious cereal vape flavors:

Cinnapple Hoops

This is just one of many O-shaped treats on the list. It would be hard to miss the connection of apple and cinnamon leaving you only one guess, do you have it?. This e-juice give you the classic flavor of apple-cinnamon Cheerios mixed with hints of creamy milk.

Snap Cracklin’

Although Rice Crispies are not super interesting or good on their own, we all know how good they are when used butter and marshmallows to make rice crispy treats. That is what this vapes flavor boasts, that treat well all loved growing up in a vape! Yum!

Silly Rabbit

The name should say it all right! Trix are for kids and apparently I am still a kid because I love this flavor. No bunnies mixed into this one thank goodness. It will give you a sweet citrus up front along with tastes of mixed fruits that changes with every vape. There is  just a slight amount of tartness to complement the milk and cereal combination.

Perfect Circle

This is not a cereal I remember but will give you delicious malted cereal flavors with cherry and citrus flavor combinations that will cause your taste buds to go crazy.


Ohh the memories of Captain Crunch, or as they call “Milkenberry”, one of my breakfast favorites. This has a perfect blend of berry inhale with a crisp and crunchy tasting exhale and mated with creamy milk undertones.

Crazy Squares

lightly toasted graham squares mixed with a sweet, rich cinnamon swirl that is soaked in creamy milk goodness can only remind you of one favorite cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. What a tasty vape.