Black Note Review


In Black Note’s bio they talk about how cool smoking used to be. TV and Movie stars all used to smoke in movies. There would always be a picture of a celebrity smoking somewhere looking cool.

Cigarette companies would sell you on how sophisticated and sexy you would be with a beautiful actor having a cigarette dangling in their mouth. What they failed to mention was the downfalls to smoking. The constant bad smell, accelerated aging , and most importantly that your life expectancy would be cut way back due to possible cancer and heart disease.

Smoking just isn’t socially acceptable like it used to be, but vaping e juice is. Currently, coffee is the real drug of choice by millions of people, but we will soon see vaping devices in many more hands of actors and celebrities around the globe soon.

Smoking Alternatives

It is now cool if you quit smoking because everyone understands the dangers of cigarettes Through years of study. Tobacco companies are still free to sell cigarettes to anyone over 18, but they now are required to advertise the risks and dangers so there is no beating around the bush like before. The alternative to smoking is nicotine replacement therapy which includes the patch, chewing gum, and electronic cigarettes which have been a means of offering nicotine to the user in a way to gradually allow them to stop smoking or using nicotine altogether.

There are e-juice companies such as Black Note that are highly celebrated for their level of quality. Black Note offers the tobacco tastes that you remember and love just without the toxic chemicals that would kill you that cigarettes have in them.

black-note-prelude-2Bucking Trends

Black Note’s makers were concerned about the apparent direction that e juice was starting to take, with tobacco flavors taking a backseat to sweeter flavors and candies. The company was also concerned about the higher levels of chemicals that are found in candies and sweet flavors like diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. They just didn’t see the point in contaminating potentially good e-juice.

Black Note offers a full lab report on all their products to provide proof to the consumer of their quality and to show the levels of vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol. Black Note juices come in 0, 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, or 1.8% levels of nicotine and naturally flavored from tobacco extract. This basically means that there is nothing artificial in their products and they are proud of it as they should be.

No Youth

At Black Note, they were trying to avoid attracting young people to start vaping but that seems to be the trend and what is happening. The sweet liquids seem to be the reason the majority of younger people are getting attracted into vaping, which is not good and something most organizations are promising to put a stop to. I’m sure that the FDA is will help prevent advertising to youth with their new legislation. It seemed to be the right time in the market to re-introduce vapers to great gourmet tobacco flavors at Black Note. Let’s show you what they created.

Real Flavor

Would you agree that other styles of tobacco e-juice on the market may slightly miss the mark of taste and quality? Black Note strives to address this issue by producing quality liquids for adults, not aimed at children of fancy candy flavors. Their full line of ten flavors all cost $29 a piece (30 ml) with the exception of Quartet which is $39 a bottle (30 ml also). Every bottle is glass to keep the full flavor and it comes wrapped in a second container which helps keeps the sunlight out which might alter the flavor. 

Ten Types (Five Pictured)


The full list of flavors is as follows: Encore, Quartet, Cadenza, Prelude, Bravura, Forte, Legato, Sonata, Adagio, and Solo. Only one flavor — (Solo) — is a menthol style liquid, but the other flavors are blends of straight tobacco flavors from around the globe. They do an excellent job of mimicking cigar, cigarette, and pipe tobaccos, due to the natural extraction method used in the creation process. Encore and Quartet represent the Middle East, but Encore is light and sweet, where as Quartet is fuller and smokey.

Prelude and Forte are both flavors that represent Italian tobacco that is more commonly known as “Virginia and Burley”. Cadenza will give you the taste of Greece with it’s mild and spicy flavor. You are sure to get a much richer Perique style flavor when you vape Bravura. Sonata is a ringer for Cavendish for all the pipe smokers and Adagio is a smoky and spicy Havana-style blend. Legato emulates rich, nutty flavor tobacco only found in Kentucky.

Musical Side Note

As you might have noticed, a musical theme is given to each flavor and 1% of each sale will go to a special charity for music. The charity in question focuses on providing potable water to people around the globe as well as music for people in need around the world. So you can feel good about your purchase and know you are helping someone you may never meet.