Some Of The Best Vape Mods For Clouds

What Mods Will Help You Get Great Clouds?

It’s no secret that the vape scene is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. With so much innovation taking place it can be tough to keep up with which mods are the best for huge vapor production, or which mods focus on producing rich, accurate flavor. For those looking to blow massive clouds with their mod, there are a few specific types of devices worth paying more attention to.

Unregulated devices are arguably the most potent producers of voluminous clouds because there is no circuitry between the atomizer and the battery. While severely limiting the features of the mod its simplicity drastically reduces voltage drop, which allows for harder hits and bigger clouds. Budget-conscious buyers will be happy to know that because of their simplicity, these mods are among the most affordable as well. Their design also makes them less prone to failure or breakage.

Temperature Plays A Big Role

On the other end of the spectrum, there is a new wave of temperature-controlled devices washing across the market. Their complex circuitry allows for a controlled modulation of the atomizer current. This prevents many of the common scenarios that vapers complain about, such as dry hits and burnt wicks. Both are scenarios likely to happen when pushing your mod to its limits for the sake of larger clouds. For those with the extra money to spend, the precision and greater convenience of a temperature-controlled vape mod may be worth investing a few bucks in.

The Best Tank For Clouds 

In talking about mods, the Smok TFV4 tank is said to be one of the most powerful. There are a lot of tanks to choose from, but this is what we turn to when we are looking to roll some smoke. Lots of power and airy. It’s worth checking out to get some bigger clouds.

Batteries Are Important As Well

To get the most out of your mod it’s important to think about its overall configuration. Firstly, it’s tough to get big clouds out of a very small unit. Usually, the wattage caps of tiny vases are much lower than that of a mod with a larger battery. Put simply, you can push a big battery harder so make sure your mod has ample power for heating up large coils. Secondly, stay away from tanks. Refillable atomizers like tanks are usually designed for convenience, not clouds. While there are some exceptions to this rule, a fully rebuildable atomizer with plenty of space for meaty coils can put out more heat and utilize much higher airflow than any tank. The downside is that it requires regular saturating.

a picture of sony vtc6 battery cellsWhen choosing and configuring a mod for maximum vapor production it’s extremely important to be aware of battery safety. Mods built for chasing clouds demand much more out of their batteries. Improper mod design, battery type, or improper treatment of vaping hardware can lead to disastrous results. Many mods allow for swappable batteries of a common size, usually 18650 cells. Despite the nearly identical look of these cells, the performance they are
capable of can vary drastically. If a battery is pushed beyond its limits it can fail catastrophically, leading to fire or explosion. When setting up a cloud chasing vape be sure to run batteries which will stand up to the rigors of such extreme usage. Vape mods with internal, non-swappable batteries are immune from this problem as they are regulated to prevent overuse.


For those interested in blowing the biggest clouds at vape competitions or even casual users just looking to fog up the place, following these guidelines will help to ensure that you get the most vapor out of your mod. Just remember to keep those batteries cool while you’re creating your own personal weather systems. Be sure to check out some of our other vape mod reviews as well.