About Us

Here at Vape Liquid Reviews, we are passionate about not only vaping but serving the community. We are excited to give you our reviews “from people who vape” on products we use and are just flat curious about.

Sometimes vendors come to us and want us to review their product, but if we don’t like it, we won’t sugar coat anything and we let them know ahead of time. We want to build trust with our customers, that means the most to us. We also want to give you the best deals we can!

We also want to give you the best deals we can! That is why we have the email sign up box in the sidebar. That isn’t just to send you a bunch of spam, it is to send you deals when our vendors give them to us and a way to pass them on to you. Win win really.

We look forward to growing with you (and we are doing that fast) as well as helping you save money and get great products. We also are passionate

We also are passionate about using vaping to help people quit smoking, so we will be adding a lot of content and blogs on how we can help anyone quit smoking.

We thank and appreciate you as a customer. Please drop us a line and let us know any products you would like us to review or comment on our blogs and reviews.